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G Data Antivirus Review

When evaluating antivirus software, it is important to consider the entire package. This includes the program’s performance in third-party tests, as well as what it does to protect your privacy. For instance, some antivirus programs come with potentially unwanted software, or PUPs. These programs may alter your user experience in undesirable ways, for example, by advertising or changing the default search engine you use. They can also use up system resources or install additional apps without your consent. G Data does a good job in keeping the number of these harmful applications to a minimum, however, it doesn’t come with an option to block them from being completely.

G Data’s virus scanner is top-notch. It detects malware and removes it with the help of two engines for scanning. It also analyzes the properties of files and blocks exploits to prevent hackers from stealing computers. BankGuard, a component of the program, protects online transactions and banking, and detects useful site encryption Trojans. Anti-spam protection helps keep your inbox free of junk mail and parental control lets you control your children’s internet usage.

The software offers cloud backup and shredding, which means deleted files can’t get retrieved by criminals. It also comes with an ad blocker, as well as a firewall that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic for spyware and hackers. You can also add an VPN package to your package. The menus are a bit difficult to navigate. The menu titles don’t always show immediately, and switching between modules may take a bit.

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