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Buy RDP Online with Perfect Money

buy rdp online with perfect money

Do you choose Perfect Money to Buy RDP online? Don’t worry. We can guide you to solve your problem.

At present, Perfect Money is the easiest and safest financial service to make money transfers and online payments. And so Perfect Money has become a very popular payment method among people worldwide. That’s why you may choose this gateway as a reliable service. 
In this article, we provide a complete guide about how you can buy RDP online with Perfect Money payment method. Let’s learn details through our further discussion.

What Is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. Microsoft developed this proprietary protocol to build a graphical user interface connection between the computers online. While the user’s computer must have RDP client software, the other should employ RDP server software.

Why Should You Buy RDP?

  • Clipboard Mapping 

You can text or delete the graphics or copy and paste between the local host and remote desktop on different sessions.

  • Encryption 

We use RSA security’s RC4 cipher in the RDP accounts. This stream cipher is designed for encrypting small amounts of data effectively. A 128-bit key is used to encrypt the data ensuring 100% security for the client.

What Is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is an online payment system company throughout the globe. It is similar to other payment platforms such as PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. In 2007, Perfect Money was  launched and its headquarters was established in Panama. It allows the services such as receiving, sending, and making payments for enterprise users via the Internet around the world.

What Can You Do with Perfect Money?

  • Receive payments from business ventures over the web
  • You can receive different cryptocurrency payment options like Euros, Dollars, and so on.
  • Make money transfer between the corporate users
  • Pay customary payments over the Internet
  • Perform payment for enterprise online shops and merchandise 
  • Buy Gold Medal, Bitcoin, EUR, USD, cash over the web
  • Store Money safely on an electronic account and receive monthly premiums

How To Buy RDP Online With Perfect Money?

Let’s check out the step-by-step instructions to buy RDP online with Perfect Money.


Firstly, find a reliable vendor that offers quality accounts at the best prices, 24/7 customer support, offers varieties of hosting options and various hosting packages. 


Check out the RDP packages and find the most suitable one you want to choose. Click “Order Now” to buy.


Next, heading to the configuration step, you’ll see the specification of the packages. Select the specific location and Operating System. You can also select VIP Support and Fully Managed Support. Then click on Continue. 


Now determine the payment gateway you want to choose. For using Perfect Money go to Payment Details. Choose Perfect Money and click to complete the order.


Lastly, select your Perfect Money account and click to make payment. Once it is done, preview your order details and wait for payment confirmation.

Why Choose Us

People choose us over the other vendors because we maintain the quality of our accounts. Our accounts are highly secured and reliable for protecting your privacy.  Besides, we regularly update our servers and do several-level fixes if any interruption occurs. We have more strong reasons below to choose us. Have a look!

  • High-Quality Performance 

We offer high-quality performance RDP through the 1Gbit network. This advanced network is complete with extensive DDoS protection, a dedicated server, and anycast support.

  • Fully Redundant 

We also offer a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee with faster hard drives. Plus, the network redundancy makes you enabled to keep your services online.

  • Instant Account Activation

As soon as you order for an RDP using the verified Perfect Money account, we can instantly activate the RDP account.

  • Secure Infrastructure 

Our all data centers are certified with Tier 4. So it provides advanced fire with highly intrusion protection combined with enterprise networking hardware.

  • Powerful Automation 

Our easy and intuitive developer APIs enable you to extend the existing products and manage them easily.  Besides, you can submit new orders without any issues.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to give technical support 24/7 hours. So you can contact us anytime from anywhere.

Features of RDP

  • 1 GBPS unlimited bandwidth 
  • No overloaded servers
  • Pre-installed software
  • Intel CPU powers servers
  • 100% security and privacy 
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Enterprise-Class Hardware
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Advanced control panel
  • Fastest account setup 
  • 24/7 Live chat support 
  • Genuine Operating System 
  • Linux or Windows server for best performance 
  • Join Skype For live Technical support

What We’ll Deliver to You?

  • The full admin access server
  • RDP with Cheap and affordable price
  • Smooth User experience

What Types of RDP Do You Provide?

  • Cheap RDP
  • ETC


Is RDP different from VPS?

VPS is a virtual private server. Besides, RDP is a feature of Windows VPS that shares data with numerous clients. 

Should I buy RDP over VPS?

RDP or VPS, the choice depends on your needs. If you need to share information without permitting them to change anything, then buy RDP. Or, if you need to use a Web hosting tool, then buy VPS.

What are the Features of a Windows RDP?

Through the Windows RDP, you can enter a remote host and access any applications and desktops.

What Payment Gateway do you accept along with Perfect Money?

  • PayPal
  • Visa

Final Thoughts

We tried to give you all the details that can help you buy RDP online with Perfect Money. Now that you have a complete guide, why wait? Consider our features and offers and buy RDP from us soon. 

We ensure reliability and quality RDP all around the globe. Besides, our priority is full client satisfaction that makes us the favorite among our hundreds of clients. Do your research and start your successful journey with us.

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